26/11: Stand Shoulder-to-shoulder With British Jews

We will be marching on Sunday to say that we are For Israel, Against Anti-Semitism and For Freedom of Speech. Join us!

26/11: Stand Shoulder-to-shoulder With British Jews

It is time for the UK to follow the inspiring demonstrations of solidarity in France and the US. This Sunday, November 26th, sees the March Against Anti-Semitism organised by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

If you would like to join us behind the Our Fight banner, we will be meeting at 1pm on the pedestrian area, directly outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

We will be marching to say that we are:

  • For Israel
  • Against Anti-Semitism
  • For Freedom of Speech

For Israel

A key goal of this campaign is to demonstrate that challenging anti-Semitism is for all of us. But we also feel we must stand for Israel. Saying that Israel must exist, must decide for itself whether it is appropriate to call a ceasefire, but crucially must not be left alone to fight international terrorism--it is a key principle of Our Fight that we should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the very idea of Israel.

Against Anti-Semitism

Now is the time to speak up against all forms of anti-Semitism. This means not only on the right, as we've come to expect over the years, but also from the identitarian left. To our friends and neighbours, we need to say that it’s not enough to think you’ll be there when the windows are broken; each generation must re-make the promise of Never Again, and we need to re-make that promise today.

For Freedom of Speech

At a time when many are calling for bans on demonstrations and limitations on what people can say or write, we want to avoid the fallacy that the challenge to anti-Semitism may come from closing Twitter accounts or a Police Commissioner’s favour.