Phoenix Cinema: A New Low for the PSC

Many have conspired to attempt to prevent a showing of a film that portrays the build up and then slaughter that is 7.10. Worse, there will be a protest outside the venue to harass the cinema and its customers. Mark Birbeck explains the protest, and also why we must counter-protest.

Phoenix Cinema: A New Low for the PSC
Phoenix Cinema after a graffiti attack on May 22nd, 2024.

Since 7.10 we have seen many shocking displays of anti-Semitism and a lack of empathy for the victims and their families.

Stickers and posters showing hostages still held by Hamas have been torn down and defaced. Eden Golan was booed and barracked whilst performing a song that expressed the grief she and her nation felt, for the young people who were butchered or abducted at the Nova festival.

But today sees a new low.

A new low for Ben Jamal and his Palestine Solidarity Campaign. A new low for artists like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, and politicians like Jeremy Corbyn, each of whom support campaigns for boycotts of cultural events and sanctions against businesses.


These people have conspired with others to attempt to prevent a showing of a film that portrays the build up and then slaughter that is 7.10. Some have covered the cinema with paint. Others have phoned the cinema with threats. Employees are refusing to work. And there will be a protest outside the venue to harass the cinema and its customers.

Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre - UJIA
“Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre” charts the dramatic events that took place during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack at the music festival in Southern Israel through the eyes of survivors. TRAILER [raw] [/raw]

When we reach such depths of bigotry, it's tempting to simply say 'well what did you expect'. After all, we already know that people like Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway throw words like 'genocide' around with no regard for facts, or any respect for the dignity of the victims of the Holocaust.

But sometimes we might not see just quite how low anti-Semitism is now stooping, unless we pause and look their bigotry in the face.

Hamas and 7.10

Hamas murdered, tortured and raped about 370 young music lovers at Nova. They kidnapped about 40 more. Thousands across Israel and the globe will be mourning their loved ones and waiting in desperation for any news that a hostage might be alive.

Understandably you would want to see a documentary made about this; show the world the joy, the music, the dancing of these young people before they were extinguished by terrorists.

Yet could we possibly have imagined that those in the West would be so content with what Hamas represents, that they would cut through this mourning with an attack on the only cinema brave enough to show the film?

Cover it with paint?

Phone and intimidate the cinema owners?

That they would actually turn up outside the cinema and try to disrupt people watching this film?

Hamas Supporters

Over the months there have been some who have said that the marches are not hate marches. That not everyone on the marches supports Hamas. I happen to agree. I have spoken to people who call themselves pacifists, and although I disagree with them, I know they are not Hamas supporters.

But anyone attending the protest today, calling for the cinema to stop its showing–you are Hamas supporters. You are supporting a death cult that from it's core opposes life, music, youth, and openly mocks people who are mourning the loss of their young.

The film must–will–go on.

And afterwards, we will not forget those who daubed paint, harassed, intimidated, and stood here on the side of terror, against respect and compassion.

Counter Protest

If you think it's time to speak up against this bigotry, then get along to the counter-protest outside Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, London, N2 9PJ.

East Finchley tube is close by. There will be many people, CST and the police in attendance.