Ask Hounslow Council to Reinstate Jewish Living Experience Exhibition

Simon McKeon writes that Hounslow Council needs to quickly overturn its decision to cancel the annual Jewish Living Experience exhibition.

Ask Hounslow Council to Reinstate Jewish Living Experience Exhibition
Jewish Living Experience

Hounslow Council has decided to cancel the annual exhibition from Jewish Living Experience. The travelling exhibition aims to educate young people about Jewishness, as a way to help challenge anti-Semitism. Yet the council have cancelled it due to "significant heightened risk to personal safety".

This is one of many recent examples of organisations cancelling activities that are specifically designed to build community cohesion and challenge anti-Semitism, at the very time when they are most needed.

We think this is a mistake, and have written to them to say so. Please use the template below to do the same.

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Please send the below email to:

Subject: Reinstate Jewish Living Experience Exhibition
Dear Councillor Shantanu Rajawat,
I am writing to express my strong disapproval and deep concern regarding your recent decision to cancel the Jewish Living Experience exhibition organised by The Board of Deputies of British Jews at Hounslow House.
I believe that this decision, based on the situation in Gaza and the associated increase in reported hate crimes, is misguided and unfair to the Jewish community. It is important to recognise that the Jewish community is not responsible for the war in Gaza or the recent increase in hate crimes.
It is crucial to address all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism. Cancelling an exhibition that seeks to educate and inform young people about Jewish culture is not the solution. I urge you to reconsider your decision and reinstate the Jewish Living Experience exhibition at Hounslow House. This exhibition has the potential to bridge gaps in knowledge and foster a sense of unity among different communities.
It is essential that we promote dialogue, understanding, and respect for all cultures, especially during times of increased tension and division. The London Borough of Havering did the right thing by reinstating their plan to display a giant menorah in the borough. Hounslow should do the right thing by reinstating the Jewish Living Experience exhibition at Hounslow House.
Yours sincerely,

Please also tweet the following:

Ask @LBofHounslow to reconsider their cancellation of @jscnuk's annual Jewish Living Experience event. Tell them this is an important part of challenging anti-Semitism, and we need more of this, not less.
Template email and contact details in link below.