30/3: Enough is Enough Counter-Protest

From MPs to pop stars, from Biden to Cameron, there is the stench of appeasement in the air. Join us on the Enough-is-Enough counter-protest on Saturday March 30th, to say that Hamas are terrorists, and Israel has every right to defeat them.

30/3: Enough is Enough Counter-Protest

On March 30th there will be a large Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstration through the streets of London.

The main slogans of the march accuse Israel of carrying out a genocide and call for an immediate, unconditional ceasefire. This is no surprise, given our political leaders are now falling over themselves to show how anti-Israel they are. From Biden's government's refusal to veto the latest UN vote (which called for an unconditional ceasefire), to Cameron's public accusations that Israel is wilfully blocking aid in order to starve Gazans, to the more than a hundred MPs who signed Zarah Sultana's letter to demand arms are not sold to Israel, there is the stench of appeasement in the air.

The hard truth is that for Israel to ensure its security it must defeat Hamas, and for this it needs the West's support.

This is not a 'collective punishment' on the people of Gaza–themselves victims of nearly two decades of Hamas misrule–it's a harsh fact of life. But it's one that our virtue-signalling actors, students, professors, MPs and Eurovision contestants are happy to ignore. They would rather see Israel defeated if it means keeping their halos intact.

Anti-Israel is the New Anti-Semitism

The latest phase of the hysteria around Israel and Gaza is a heightened anti-Semitism. Anyone that thinks it's simply about 'valid criticism of Israel' is either cocooned or happy to see it flourish. We are seeing wave after wave of activities: protests in supermarkets; returning IDF soldiers driven underground or prevented from speaking; local council meetings barracked; university speakers driven out; visiting sports teams harangued...relentless attempts to ban, boycott, shutdown.

The list of anti-Semitic actions in all parts of the globe is growing ever more rapidly.

Enough is Enough

But we don't have to put up with this.

Whether Jewish or Israeli or an ally that recognises the fight for Israel as our fight too, we can tell the world that Cameron is actually worse than Galloway. We can call out the progressives' hypocrisy and double-standards over everything from free speech, to issues of sexual violence, to anti-racism. We can shout that to appease Hamas is to appease terrorism, and yes, the West will be next.

And we can say that we won't give up the streets of London, on a Saturday, or any day.

The Enough is Enough initiative has already mounted a No to Terror event, and two counter-protests in central London against those calling for appeasement.

Tomorrow will be the third.

Join us.


When: Saturday, March 30th, 12pm

Where: North side of Waterloo Bridge, where it meets the Strand

What: A counter-protest against the Palestine Solidarity Campaign march.

Bring your flags, placards, and banners.

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